I have an weird idea with dry ice?
2010-04-06 10:29:17 UTC
one day during a hot muggy night the A/C broke, so i was laying in my bed sweating from the heat. i had a fan that was Blowing in my face. as i was dreaming, i was using dry ice for a show. i remember it feeling Cold. then i just came up with this weird Idea. i was going to make an A/C using Dry Ice and a Fan. but not knowing much about Dry ice Expect that you can make Dry Ice Bombs with them i wanted to learn more. i understood that Dry ice was Frozen Carbon dioxide, the same stuff we expel from our lungs but before i Decide to waste my money on something that might be stupid, i wanted to ask a few Question.

1. if i had an Ice box fulled with about 1/2 of Dry ice in a small to Medium Size Room, will that Effect me in some way or will it just kill me.

2. would putting a Fan on top of the dry ice or just having it laying around help cool down my Room/house?

3. do you think this is an Good Idea or is there a reason no one had came up with this Idea?

If you have more Details why this will or Will not work, please add them.

Three answers:
2010-04-06 10:36:48 UTC
Dry ice should only be used in a well-ventilated area - if you breathe too much in you won't get enough oxygen and you will pass out or even die. A lot of dry ice CAN cool a room, but since its effects don't last too long (think of how long it takes to disperse onstage) you would need a LOT to keep it going, and dry ice is very expensive, not to mention bulky - where would you store it? It would last a long time in a freezer (or very well insulated box), but outside the freezer it would soon turn to gas and disperse.

Sorry but it wouldn't work :(
2010-04-06 10:59:02 UTC
An ice box half-filled with dry ice will produce a constant flow of carbon dioxide into the room. You'll see it as small streams of condensed moisture ("steam"). I doubt that this would affect you, but if it did, you'd start to feel out of breath. But it wouldn't be cost-efficient. You'd be better off with a small evaporative cooler (swamp air cooler) or a regular air conditioner.
Facts Matter
2010-04-06 10:51:18 UTC
It's even worse than RunningB says. CO2 at high abundance is toxic. It is also a VERY expensive way to cool a room.

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